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How to Book

To book a holiday at Pinetina Mare Family Hotel in Pinarella di Cervia, you are required to pay a deposit of 300,00 eurosand communicate your phone number.

The deposit can be sent by:

Money Order to:

          Hotel Pinetina Mare
          Viale Italia, 139/141
          48015 Pinarella di Cervia (RA) Italia

Bank draft in the name of GI.WA. Gest SRL

Bank transfer on following IBAN code:

          IT 49 S 06120 23600 CC40 1000 1492

          (this IBAN code must include the letters CC)

          c/o Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena, agenzia di Cervia
          intestato a Gi.Wa Gest. srl

Please make sure you use the same full name for both the booking and the payment of deposit.
The deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation within 2 weeks before the arrival date. After this deadline it will be withheld by the hotel.
Please indicate the arrival and departure date as well as type of accommodation.
The stay begins at lunch on arrival day and ends at breakfast on departure day. The rooms are accessible by 12pm (noon) on arrival day and must be left by guests by 10am on departure day.
Example: a booking from July 1 to July 7 entails you arriving on July 1 for lunch and leave after breakfast by 10am on July 7.

In case of delayed arrival or early departure, guests are charged the missing days’ room rates.

Meals that are not consumed at the hotel will not be refunded.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at Pinetina Mare Family Hotel in Pinarella di Cervia

Ravenna Chamber of Commerce Customs & Norms


Booking requests are normally considered valid if submitted by letter or telegram. Bookings that are made via telephone or verbally must be followed by a letter or telegram by both the client and the hotel. Verbal bookings are binding for the hotelier until 10pm on the first booked day. If a room booked in writing is not occupied by the client by 2pm on the second booked day, and the client has sent no confirmation, the room is considered vacant and the booking cancelled.


At the moment of the booking in our hotel in Cervia, you are asked to pay a deposit corresponding to three days of accommodation. The deposit has a double purpose, as it confirms the contract and proves that there is an underlying agreement between the parties. In case of non-fulfilment by the client, the hotel can withhold the deposit amount. On the other hand, if there is non-fulfilment by the hotel, the client can require to be refunded by twice as much as the deposit.


Full/half board rates at Pinarella di Cervia Hotel apply to stays of minimum three days. For shorter stays, standard prices regularly published according to the law of Amministrazione Provinciale will apply. Hotel managements must display their price list in a visible place of the room, containing the current daily rates referred to all usual services and the half/full board prices in both low and high season, specifying the services that are included. Full/half board rates are applied starting from lunch until the breakfast of the following day. The room is accessible starting from 12pm on arrival day and it shall be vacated before 10am on departure day. The Guests are not allowed to consume, during the hotel meals, any food or drink purchased outside the hotel.


Sea view means that the room goes to the sea. View on the sea means that from the room you can see the sea, even though in a limited way.


As a rule, animals are not allowed in hotels. When allowed, animals may not be taken into the restaurant or other areas where they are banned from.


Hoteliers offering parking facilities to their Guests for free are not responsible for damages or theft suffered by the Guest's vehicle in the Hotel parking place. If the Guest pays the Hotelier for this service, the Hotelier is responsible for damages or theft suffered by the Guest's vehicle.


The hotelier is liable for “deterioration, destruction or theft of items taken into the hotel” (art. 1783 It. CC). The Hotelier is entitled to legitimately refuse to admit objects that might be dangerous or that are particularly bulky, or, according to the hotel ranking, far too valuable. The only limitations to this liability are when the above mentioned circumstances (theft or destruction of an item) are due to the Guest’s actions, to force majeure or to the nature of the item itself.


A – Guests of our hotel in Cervia will forfeit their deposit in the event of no-show and, consequently, if the room(s) booked are not occupied.
B- When the Guest’s stay is shorter that the booked one, the Hotelier is entitled to cancel special agreed tariffs and, in case the stay is shorter than three days, the Hotelier may require that the Guest pays the services applying the single à la carte prices. As a refund for the damage suffered by the Hotelier, the Guest is supposed to pay a penalty calculated on the base of three room days, in addition to the received services.


A - In case of non-fulfilment by the Hotelier, the Guest at Cervia Hotel is entitled to be refunded by twice as much as the deposit paid.
B – In case the Hotelier partly or totally breaks the contract (e.g. the assigned room is different from the agreed one, or has different features) the Hotelier shall commit him/herself to find a suitable accommodation that the Guest accepts in an equivalent or superior hotel.


If the Hotelier is not paid by the Guest the price agreed upon, he/she can recoup his/her losses by confiscating the Guest’s personal belongings that are in the hotel premises (baggage, values in safe, car parked in the garage, etc.). The hotelier can invoke art. 2769 It. CC and apply for confiscation of the Guest’s belongings.


Any disputes between the Hotelier and the Guest are ruled by the current regulations, such as laws, rules, customs and norms of the tourism sector. Complaints concerning the correct application of the accommodation rates can be filed, along with the records, if available, to the Tourist Board of Cervia Council (Ufficio Turismo Comune di Cervia) or to each of the 4 I.A.T. offices in the town area, that are in charge of receiving complaints and transmitting them to the competent communal offices.


Ravenna Chamber of Commerce has is an Arbitration Office that acts as a swift and simple tool citizens can use instead of filing a lawsuit, in order to settle controversies in matters of tourism. Dott.ssa Annarita Morselli (tel. 0544 481411 - Fax 0544 481500 e-mail: Dott.ssa Daniela Cittadini (tel. 0544 481489 - Fax 0544 481500 e-mail:


The present communication is aimed at informing the public and we herewith disclaim responsibility for omissions, mistakes ad typographical errors. Cervia Tourist Board and I.A.T. offices are in charge of informing and welcoming tourists.

The best rates directly from our portal!

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