Children at Pinetina

At Pinetina Mare we aim to put your children at the centre of our attention and let them have a great time. Happy children, relaxed adults.

We are the parents of 3 children and we are aware of their needs, and in particular of their parents’ expectations.

Our motto is: “All grown ups were once children, but only a few of them remember about that”.

Children’s Menu

It’s time for din din at Pinetina Mare Family Hotel!

We are well aware of how demanding our little guests are and we know how much energy they need to run and play all day long.

Therefore we offer them a special customized menu designed by the parents themselves for kids of all ages.

At Pinetina Mare you will always find vegetable soups, vegetable creams and HIPP organic baby food, such as cereal flours, small sized pasta, home made pasta, pureed meat, fish or fruit, etc.

Our products are fresh and natural, daily made by our chefs, who are constantly committed to match the needs of kids and parents.

Toddlers up to 3 yrs old have the possibility to have lunch and dinner before their parents, who will be able to enjoy their meals in tranquillity. Older children can dine with the entertainers in the little kids’ restaurant “In fondo al mar” (in deep sea).

The kids’ tables are laid with funny mats to colour. Plates, cutlery and glasses are kid-sized and toddlers can use our high chairs.

Every day we prepare an afternoon snack buffet in the hotel terrace, where they can pick organic juices, yoghurt, fresh milk, baby cheese, biscuits, bread, nutella, jams, cakes, pastries, fresh fruit and fruit puree.

In addition, we organize weekly children picnics in the pinewood.

Top quality products and tailor-made menus for children of all ages parents can rely on.

Room equipment

Our hotel is designed to accommodate children, offering plenty of services that can meet any type of need.

In Pinetina Mare’s rooms, guests can have following items on demand:

• camping bed
• child’s bed guards
• baby bath tub
• changing table for babies (in rooms where it is possible)
• bathroom stool
• child’s toilet seat
• potty
• nappy bin
• bottle warmer
• mini bar
• hair dryer
• baby control transmitter
• satellite-TV networks for kids

And what’s more:
• pushchairs
• small paediatric pharmacy
• paediatrician on call
• bottle steriliser at the bar
• baby sitting service on demand

A holiday at our hotel consists of unique ingredients, surprises, passion and dreams that turn real.


Our mascot Gino the Fox

Hello, my name’s Gino, I’m Pinetina Mare’s mascot.

I’m glad your search for an amazing place has led you here…

Some of you already know me, as we have already played and had a great time together. Every year I will be waiting wait for you in this fantastic hotel for families in Pinarella di Cervia, a true paradise for children.

Every now and then you’ll find me in the restaurant – I love to eat with you – or in the garden during the baby dance sessions.

We can celebrate your birthday together, or have a snack in the pinewood nearby for the weekly picnic.

Come along and we will have a wonderful time!

A Holiday meant for your children

It is always play time here. Our funny entertainers take care of your children at the hotel and on the beach, involving them in games and activities.

During lunch and dinner children over 3 can eat together with the entertainers in the little restaurant “in fondo al mar” (in deep sea”).

Even the littlest ones, 1 or 2 years old, are welcome to the baby club after eating with their parents, in an indoors play room where one of the entertainers plays with them, though this is not a customised baby-sitting service.

In the morning and afternoon we organise plenty of activities: games, labs, sport competitions, group dance and loads of surprises every day!

Every evening, after dinner, the baby dance sessions will conclude the baby club activities, but fun is not finished and will go on with the kids’ night entertainment programme.

A holiday at Pinetina Mare Hotel is designed for children. In our hotel the littlest ones are VIP guests!


There is always a good reason to let children have fun, therefore we organise a range of entertainment activities every night.

• baby-dance
• puppets shows
• music and kids make-up
• clowns and entertainment
• movies
• jugglers
• workshops
• sugar candy
• dancers
• giant soap bubbles

At Pinetina Mare Family Hotel all entertainment activities are designed for children and aimed to make their holiday unique and unforgettable.

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