Rules and customs



Reservations in our 3 stars hotel Cervia, are generally valid only if made in writing or by telegram. As telephone conversations, to be valid, must be followed by a confirmation letter both the client and provider. Without any written confirmation, the reservation is valid only up to 22 hours of the first day of booking. If the room, booked in writing, is not occupied by the customer within 14.00 pm of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival and if in the meantime the customer did not get confirmation of booking, the room remains free and the reservation canceled.


At time of booking to our hotel in Cervia, you normally use a deposit equal to three days of accommodation, as an advance on the price. The deposit assumes a double function: to confirm the conclusion of the contract and provide proof of the existence of an agreement between the parties. In case of default by the customer, the hotel has the right to retain the deposit. If the defaulting party is instead the innkeeper, the customer can demand the return of double the deposit paid.


The accommodation’s price in Pinarella di Cervia hotel is convenient for a minimum stay of three days, for periods of less than three days prices are applied to the paper, regularly reported by law to the Provincial Administration. The managers of hotels must post in every room and in conspicuous place, special cards detailing updated daily price inclusive of all usual benefits and the price of the accommodation referred both the high and the low season with an indication of the services included. The price of the accommodation, generally starts with lunch and ends with breakfast on the morning of the next day. The customer can take possession of the room from 12pm on day of arrival and must vacate by 10am on day of departure. Customers cannot eat during meals in the hotel, food or beverages of any kind purchased outside the hotel.


The word "view on the sea" means that the room looks directly over the sea. The word "sea view" means that you can view the sea from the room even through limited.


Pets are not allowed normally in hotels. If accepted cannot be brought into the dining room or rooms where there is a ban.


The hotelier provides parking for his customers car, the hotelier is not liable for damage or theft suffered by the customer for their car. If, however, the parking service is not free and the customer pays a fee to the hotelier, he is responsible for damage or theft suffered by the customer car.


The hotelier is responsible for "any damage, destruction or theft of items brought to the hotel" (Art. 1783 C.C.). The hotelier is entitled to refuse to accept objects which by their nature are dangerous, particularly bulky or, taking into account the category of the hotel, excessive in value. The only limitation of liability in the event that you have the removal or destruction of what they are due to the customer, of force majeure or regarding the nature of the thing itself.